Fall began on September 23, 2012 and changes are already noticeable. The temperature is starting to drop and the leaves show signs that they are changing color.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and arguably the perfect time of the year to be outside whether it is for a football game or just a walk or bicycle ride.

We are going to talk about fall traditions today, and these are not the normal ‘holiday’ traditions that everyone does, but something more intimate and meant to be a tradition for your family.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some great ideas for celebrating fall and some even better giftideas for the countless birthdays and couple holidays that are coming your way.

Celebrating the Fall Season

Fall still means that you can enjoy the woods, park, the local fishing spot and, of course, the backyard for games and maybe even a cookout or two. So what else can you do with your family to celebrate the beauty of the changing seasons?

A picnic, of course! Sure everyone does them and it isn’t all that unique, but just think about how you can take them to a favorite spot or check out a few different spots over time. Bring a kite, a football, or even a fishing pole if there is a pond and it is allowed.

Another tried and true family tradition is the big game. If you and your family love football (or any sport really), why not have a family game? You can even get friends in on it to make the teams bigger. It will be good active fun and a way to turn the season into ongoing social events.

Of course, there are many ways to ring in the new season and we know that if it means something to you and the family, it is perfect for a fall tradition even if it is just cleaning up the yard.

The Perfect Gift for the Fall Season

Whether you have a birthday to shop for or are going to a big Thanksgiving feast, a gift is probably a good idea. Why not share some joy with a nice autumn flower arrangement?

Come on over to our website or drop into one of our San Diego area shops and check out our beautifully arranged selection of Autumn-themed floral arrangements. These creations, of course, are made from only the freshest cut local flowers. Also, being so modestly priced make them perfect for the occasion.