march17a4Not only is the first day of spring coming up on March 20th, but it is also Proposal Day. Both celebrations call for flowers, and we have a fresh arrival of spring flowers to add to the celebration.

Proposal Day

First, you may have not heard of Proposal Day, but it is a day intended for making proposals. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is a marriage proposal and that is certainly the most common action to celebrate this day. However, other proposals may be used as well so it could be proposal to be boyfriend and girlfriend or proposal to do something fun. It’s up to you!march17a3

However, to make it more convincing, you may want to consider picking up a beautiful flower arrangement or spring flower bouquet. This could help seal the deal! Well, some nice jewelry could help too!

First Day of Spring

With spring just days away, we already have received large shipments of spring flowers from our trusted local, domestic, and international flower farm partners, including tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilacs and more.

All of our San Diego flower shop locations are already taking orders for spring weddings, spring events like bridal and baby showers or birthdays and anniversaries, and spring gift giving.march17a2

To celebrate, our talented team of floral designers is even creating some new signature spring flower designs to celebrate one of their favorite seasons of the year. We are excited to share these spring flower arrangements with you when you come visit our San Diego florist locations as well as peruse our Facebook page and online store.

Along with spring flowers, we also have spring plants, spring basket gardens, and spring dish gardens, which are also great to enjoy at home or the office as well as make fantastic gifts.march27a1

All of our spring products are now available with more on their way to celebrate Easter and other special holidays. More spring flower designs will be introduced throughout the season as well as the ongoing availability of custom spring flower arrangements. Check back regularly for spring pricing promotions and spring sales on flowers, plants, and gifts.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the scents and beauty of spring!