may5a3While you may have your own special days this month, including birthdays or anniversaries, to celebrate, there may be a few more that you didn’t realize come this month. Here are three special days related to family that you may want to consider for a flower arrangement, plant, or gift.

Cousin’s Day

Celebrate all your cousins on this day. It is celebrated on July 24th and is a way to recognize that special family bond that you have that feels like sisters and brothers but probably without the fights! As special members of the family they are often close in age to you so there is more in common with each other to enjoy holidays or vacations together.may12a3

Aunt & Uncle Day

Celebrate your parents’ siblings on July 26th. They are very often an extra set of parents for you or a mentor to go to when you couldn’t talk to your parents. They are often older around your parents’ age and can provide great advice with their knowledge and experience.

Father-in-Law Day

Celebrate your bonus dad on July 30th with a special gift of thanks for all that they did to raise your spouse to be a great partner.AFM_Godiva

Our Gift Collection

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