may5a4If your mom, stepmom, or mother-in-law has a green thumb, then these gardening-inspired gift ideas might be the perfect solution for this Mother’s Day, which arrives next weekend on Sunday, May 11th.

Recently, we introduced a new category in our selection of plants – succulents. This collection includes, faux succulents, succulents arranged in decorative containers, and succulents that are integrated with flowers into floral arrangements. Mom will love these beautiful plants as they are long-lasting and easy to care for as well as can be easily transplanted into a garden.may5a1

For example, we have a purple phaleonopsis orchid with succulents, which includes a stunning combination of a double spike purple phaleonopsis orchid plant, hearty succulent plants, and a manzanita branch arranged in a 12″ orange ceramic bowl.

Then there is our “Go Green” succulent arrangement, which features a refreshing mix of flowers, including green cymbidium orchids, echeveria succulents, roses and chrysanthemums accented with viburnum, bupleurum, and eucalyptus in a clear glass, leaf-lined cube vase.

All about Succulents

If you are not familiar with succulents, these are plants with thick and fleshy leaves, steams, or roots that tend to retain water and are very hearty. They can go for extended times without water because they can retain this water. Good examples include cacti and other ornamental plants like the aloe plant and the agave plant.may5a2

These plants tend to be compact or spherical in form as well as have a waxy, spiny, or hairy surface to their leaves or steams. Their roots also tend to be more toward the surface than other types of plants. Succulents are often found in dry climates like the tropics or subtropics, including the desert or semi-desert areas.

They are fairly easy to care for. Succulents prefer bright light but may not survive direct sunlight. These plants are also cold-tolerant and actually thrive in colder nights. While succulents need to be watered a lot in the summer, these plants tend to go dormant in winter so this is when watering needs to be reduced.may5a3

Delivering Succulents for Mother’s Day

Our succulent collection, along with all of our Mother’s Day collection, including roses, flowers, bouquets and gift baskets can be delivered on Mother’s Day. Order now to ensure selection and preferred delivery time!