a1One of our favorite summer flowers among staff and customers is the gerbera daisy because its bright coloring reflects the season. Here we provide a little background on this flower variety and introduce you to some of our best flower arrangements that feature this stunning flower.

All about Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera Daisy is also known as the African Daisy since it is native to South Africa. However, it is grown in North America as well. The name for the flower is thought to come from the 18th-century German naturalist, Traugott Gerber.a2

Known as herbaceous perennials, these flower have large blooms with yellow central disks. The petals are often red, orange, or yellow, but you can find other colors like pink, white, and violet. They can reach just over one foot in height.

For indoor care, gerbera daisies will bloom for approximately four to six weeks with proper care. They should be placed in a sunny window and watered thoroughly. Like all flowers, make sure not to overwater.

Our Gerbera Daisy Collection

Be sure the view our selection of these bright and bold flowers that are perfect for any occasion – from a gift to an event. Here are some of our favorite from our flower arrangement collection:a3

  • Great Gerberas offers a vase full of brilliant colors, including hot pink and red gerberas as well as miniature orange and hot pink gerberas combined with yellow seeded eucalyptus.
  • Allen’s Special Birthday Bouquet features a variety of flowers, including yellow gerberas with pink roses, dark pink alstromeria, light pink matsumoto asters, miniature carnations and daisy spray chrysanthemums along with a Birthday Mylar balloon.a4
  • A Little Pick Me Up is a bowl of happiness with pink roses, Asiatic lilies, pink carnations and hot pink gerberas.
  • Combining two stunning flower varieties, the Roses and Gerbera Bouquet has many hues along with yellow solidago and greenery.
  • Allen’s Summer Garden proves it doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. This flower arrangement of California flowers features gerbera daisies, sunflowers, roses and stock all within a leaf-lined glass vase.

Besides these favorite flower arrangements designed by our San Diego floral design team, they can also take these gorgeous flowers and create something just for you as a custom bouquet, custom flower arrangement, or custom centerpiece for an upcoming event or wedding.a5

Stop into any one of our San Diego flower shops or browse online to see how you can add these beautiful summer flowers to your home, office, or event as well as gift them to someone you love.