eastera3This year, Palm Sunday is March 24th and Easter Sunday is March 31st, so that means it’s time to start thinking about this special religious holidays, their meanings and traditions, and plans to decorate the house and table with special Easter flowers, Easter centerpieces, and Easter baskets.

Meaning and Tradition

eastera2According to FaithShare.com, Palm Sunday is one of the most important days in the Christian calendar alongside Christmas and Easter. It is always the Sunday before Easter and starts the Holy Week, which remembers the week of events leading up to Jesus’ death. 

Typically, those that celebrate Palm Sunday attend mass and participate in the blessing of the palm fronds, which was what was used to pave the road as Jesus passed on a donkey.

Easter Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. It is the critical belief in Christianity as it means everything in terms of salvation and redemption for Christians in terms of Jesus’ sacrifice for human sin. Those that celebrate Easter Sunday do so at church as well as at home or with a meal with others.

Celebration and Décor

Easter has become a commercial celebration as well with many fun activities for children, including hunting for Easter eggs, decorating Easter eggs, and enjoying Easter baskets full of goodies. The Easter brunch and dinner has also become a favorite way to celebrate.eastera4

Along with these celebrations, flowers and Easter gift baskets are given as gifts or purchased to decorate the Easter table with Easter centerpieces being a favorite.

Incorporating flowers into the Easter celebration and Easter décor means having a wide range of colorful spring flowers to choose from, including tulips, daisies, roses and carnations.

eastera1When featuring a flower centerpiece on the Easter table, think about filling vases with colorful, plastic Easter eggs. Or, you could put whimsical Easter cutouts on sticks and inserting them into the Easter flower arrangements or Easter centerpieces.

Other touches could include bowls of delicious Easter favorites like jelly beans and Robin’s chocolate eggs or even those delicious Cadbury crème eggs around the table. Both little ones and adults alike will be tempted by these treats on the Easter table.

When you add flowers to your Easter décor, try to complement the colors of the table cloth or table runner and serving ware with the flowers. This might be pastel shades often seen with Easter or you could use bursts of color or even go monochromatic with traditional Easter lilies and other stunning white flowers.

Whatever you decide, remember the reason for Easter and Palm Sunday and be sure to enjoy it to the fullest with your family and friends.