a3While you may already have your holiday shopping underway, it’s time to focus on the spirit of Christmas. A great way to do this is to pick out some poinsettia plants to celebrate Poinsettia Day, which arrives on Saturday, December 12th.

a3Here’s what we have to offer plus some tips to keep your poinsettia plants festive throughout the holidays and beyond.

Our Poinsettia Plants

  • We have a range of sizes of poinsettia plants in red or white blooms.
  • You can also create a nice gift basket with poinsettia plant with other blooming or green plants.
  • Add a poinsettia plant to a gift basket that includes gourmet food or fresh seasonal fruit.

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How to Care for a Poinsettia Plant

To keep your poinsettia plants looking their festive best and even make them last until the next holiday season, here are some tips for caring for them:

  • Keep poinsettia plant near sunlight window and maintain a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees.a4
  • Don’t put the poinsettia plant in any kind of draft.
  • Maintain a good level of humidity and water when the surface feels dry.

Once the holiday season passes, here are some other things you can do to keep your poinsettia plants healthy and thriving:

  • Continue to monitor the water, temperature, and sunlight for the poinsettia plant regularly.
  • Fertilize in the spring and fall seasons.
  • Put the poinsettia plants outside in the summer in partially shaded area.a5
  • In July, pinch each stem back an inch to encourage branch development and fullness in the plant.
  • Start putting the plant in the dark in the evening hours as of October to help control when it re-blooms.
  • Stop the evening darkness treatment toward the end of November and put it back near a window to stimulate flower buds and start the blooming process.