fall4This Sunday is National Grandparents Day on September 8th.  It is a great day to spend with your grandparents or to let them know in some other special way just how much you love and respect them.

rose4This blog post provides some background on how Grandparents Day got started and offers up some great ideas to celebrate this special day of honor.

Grandparents Day History

National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 and became a national holiday to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor by 1978. The purpose of Grandparents Day has always been about loving and honoring grandparents as well as remembering that they are an excellent source of knowledge, information, and experience for grandchildren.

This could not be more true in a day and age when grandparents are often more involved than ever with their grandchildren, helping to serve as a care provider when both parents work.

Celebrating Grandparents Day

There are many great ways to celebrate Grandparents Day. What you choose to do may involve geography and the preference of your grandparents. However, we have provided a list of ideas here to get you started on your celebration:green2

  • Take them out for lunch or dinner. This is a treat, especially for any grandparents that may be in a care home or do not get a chance to go out often.
  • Spend the day reminiscing over pictures and family history. This is a great time to remember the special times and capture some of those stories that only the older generations remember.
  • vet1Hold a family reunion. Nothing is more touching than being surrounded by such love.
  • Treat them to a show or shopping trip. Having this time together creates another great memory.
  • Call or Skype them if you are too far away. The focus on talking and sharing, which is often a big enough gift.
  • Gift them with something special that they might not otherwise buy for themselves. It’s nice to treat those that took—or take – so much care of you.
  • Have the grandkids make them cards. Nothing is more cherished than something a grandchild made with their own hands.
  • Send them a beautiful flower arrangement, plant, or gift basket from your favorite San Diego florist.

Whatever you decide to do on Grandparents Day, make sure it’s from the heart and reflects just how much you love and honor them.