A4While every month should really focus on the family, July is a month where numerous special days remind us to think more about those special family members that add so much to our lives.

There are four special days to remember in July that are great opportunities for getting gifts as thanks for having them:

Parent’s Day — July 23

Cousin’s Day — July 24

Aunt and Uncle Day — July 26

Father-in-Law Day — July 30

All of our San Diego flower shops are also great gift shops full of ideas beyond just flowers and plants as well as our website that features many gifts made by local San Diego artisans like these gift ideas:A3

Gift Baskets

ALLEN’S SNACK ATTACK CRATE combines sweet and savory snacks in a pave arrangement. It also includes a half-dozen premium roses within the wooden crate that is used to present this special gift.

The SWEET TOOTH BASKET is overflowing with all types of candy favorites, including sour varieties and delicious chocolate varieties.

The GOURMET FRUIT TRAY delivers fresh fruit that has been accented by a small tropically-inspired fresh flower arrangement with all of it being presented in a tray.

Unique Gifts

The 12-PIECE WHISKY, RUM, & IRISH CREAM TRUFFLES WITH BONUS SALTED CARAMEL BAR is a unique gift made here in San Diego. The truffles include premium liquor, such as rum, Irish cream, and whiskey. Also included is a full-size salted caramel chocolate bar.A5

the 21-PIECE GOURMET CHOCOLATES is made by the same San Diego chocolate company, Mission Heights Chocolates, and includes handmade salted caramels and truffles.

CHOCOLATES AND CANDLES include three hand-poured candles made by San Diego company SoCal Candles and a gift box of chocolates.A7

Summer Flowers and Plants

We also have a wide array of specially priced summer flower arrangements and plants that also make great gifts for local San Diego families or any family members who live across the country.

Come check out what we have at any of our San Diego flower shops today, including creating custom flower arrangements for those special family members.