B SunflowersNext week is the annual formal celebration of your office workers’ dedication and tireless efforts to keep your schedule straight, get you where you need to go, and generally oversee that all the details and bases are covered so you can focus on your core business.

From April 20th through April 26th, Administrative Professionals Week is the perfect time to recognize and reward all their hard work on your behalf. Whether you do something each day or only focus on Administrative Professional Day on Wednesday, April 23rd, make sure you make it personal, unique, and special for your staff whether they are on-site or work as a virtual assistant for you.feb3a4

Here are our ideas for flowers, plants, and gifts that we can offer you via online ordering, through your phone or tablet, by phone, or, if you have time, in any one of our San Diego flower shop locations.

Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Week

When it comes to gift ideas, we have to start with our favorite – flowers. It’s what we know and where we shine. Our team of floral designers loves to create new flower arrangements each season, and this spring is no exception.

Featuring spring favorites like tulips, daisies, carnations and more, these spring flower arrangements work well for any of our staff as they are bright, cheery, and overflowing with freshness and beauty.friendshipa4

Our floral design team also likes to do custom arrangements so we can work with you to create arrangements for each staff member as well as centerpieces for any party or luncheon you may be planning for your staff.

Then, we have green plants. You may want to consider this if any staff member is allergic to flowers or you have a team of guys that may feel a little bit more comfortable with some office greenery.  This includes green plants, flowering plants, and dish and basket gardens as well as succulents and orchids.Hug3

Another idea we have is our selection of gift baskets, including fresh fruit baskets and gourmet food baskets. These work well for a small office where everyone can share, providing you with a value-add gift on top of any other special activities you have planned for your staff.green2

Deliveries for Administrative Professionals Week

Whether you order now and plan ahead to ensure your selection and preferred delivery time or you have to do it last minute and need same day delivery, we can help you! We deliver throughout San Diego as well as across the country.