A1While flowers often get the most attention, plants deserve their own day of celebration because they also offer beauty plus provide a healthy environment for us whether they are displayed in a home or office.

Green plants are also quite diverse just like flowers, with various textures and colors that provide a range of designs and looks to enjoy, enhancing your décor.

Celebrate their beauty today on Houseplant Appreciation Day! January 10th has been designated as Houseplant Appreciation Day so give these plants some extra love today or even think about getting some to spruce up your interior.A2

If you are worried that you don’t have the green thumb to keep them alive and thriving, that’s okay! We offer a great plant care guide that breaks down how to cover the basics so plants are happy, including light, water, temperature and food.

Here are some highlights from our plant care guide:

  • African violets are a blooming houseplant that likes moderately bright light but not direct exposure to it. Good drainage is important. Keep soil moist and water at a moderate temperature because cold water could lead to leaf spotting. There is fertilizer available specifically for violets so try and use this type. Violets also like moderate air temperature, making them the perfect houseplant to have in San Diego.
  • Gloxinias are another blooming plant that has bright colors and unique foliage. Opt for diffused light and moist soil. They also like moderate temperatures that do not dip below 50 degrees. Remove old blooms to encourage new ones, and use an all-purpose fertilizer.A3
  • Begonias are a beautiful blooming plant that likes to be near a sunny window but not within direct exposure to the sun. Keep temperatures in the low 70s during the day and upper 60s at night. The soil should be moist. You can also opt for an all-purpose fertilizer with begonias.
  • There are a host of other types of blooming plants like cyclamen and mums that make nice houseplants and have similar requirements like moist soil, diffused light, and moderate air temperature.A4
  • Peace lilies, also known as Spathiphyllum, are another type of blooming plant. Keep soil moist but without standing water, which could lead to root rot. This plant likes moderate air temperature and low light. Use a general fertilizer for green plants plus add some extra organic matter to the soil.

Come see our selection of green and blooming plants, dish and basket gardens, and succulents at our San Diego flower shops. You can also view much of our houseplant collection on our website.