a6While it is nice to pick up a Thanksgiving centerpiece because it is fast and easy to do during a hectic time, you can also create more special memories for this family holiday. With Thanksgiving arriving on Thursday, November 23rd, it’s time to start thinking about what type of custom centerpiece to make for Thanksgiving.

a2When you start thinking about a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece, it’s good to look at what we already have available on our website in the Thanksgiving collection. This gives you ideas about the type of style, floral design, color selection and type of flowers you like. Also, you want to consider your own home decor, color, and design so that it complements the entire effect you want to create for Thanksgiving.

From there, you can determine your budget for the custom Thanksgiving centerpiece. By having some general ideas and parameters ahead of time, it will make your appointment with our floral design team quick, easy, and enjoyable.

There are also some great fall accents to add to your Thanksgiving. This includes branches, fall leaves, ornamental grass, gourds, eucalyptus, seed pods and more. You can also think about using candles as well. Some can even have hurricane glass to cover the candles. a4

You will also need to consider the size of your table so that you ensure that the size of the custom Thanksgiving centerpiece fits. You don’t want the centerpiece to take up the whole table but you don’t want it to be lost either. Thanksgiving centerpieces can also be shaped to fit the table, such as oblong or round.

When you create your custom Thanksgiving centerpiece, you can also bring in a container or any other personal items that you want to add to the holiday display.

We’ll have many examples of Thanksgiving centerpieces on display in our floral design center to give you more ideas as well as a gallery of other models. Be sure to make your appointment today for our floral design center in San Diego today to make sure you can get in and have plenty of time to enjoy the experience of creating something so special.