c1With Make a Difference Day just around the corner on Saturday, October 24th, it makes sense to participate in our Helping Hands Program, which gives back to the local community and San Diego schools, nonprofits, and churches throughout San Diego County.

We added this program to our San Diego flower shops and online flower shop because, as a long-standing business in San Diego, we believe it is important to give back to the community. C4

This unique fundraising program can helps many throughout San Diego plus it is easy to donate or to join.

It was designed to be as convenient as possible to encourage as many people to donate and as many organizations to join as possible.

For those of you that would like to contribute, all you need to do is select from a pull-down menu on your order form.

There is an option for the Helping Hands Program, which provides a way for you to donate money as you order flower arrangements, plants, or gifts. Here, you can also select where you would like your donations to go to.

Currently, the organizations enrolled in the program include:a2

  • Solana Highlands Elementary School
  • Valhalla Foundation Cheer
  • Del Mar Sharks Soccer Club
  • Susan G. Komen For the Cure
  • Congregation Beth Israel
  • Spina Bifida Association of San Diego

If you would like to join all you need to do is contact us and fill out a small form. Once you do, we provide you with cards that you can share with friends, family, and the general public that encourages them to shop online with Allen’s Flowers and Plants.a5

Once they do and select your organization, your donation will be made available at the start of the month in the form of a check that is provided to your treasurer. You can choose to use the funds for whatever you would like that benefits your organization. It’s just that easy!

If you want to order flowers to share on Make a Difference Day or use these for a special charitable event, please contact one of our three San Diego flower shops and we’ll be happy to help you on this special day.