a1There are always opportunities to contribute to your local community and get involved in community events and fundraisers.

However, Make a Difference Day on October 21st is a good way to get motivated to stop what you are doing and go help someone else through volunteering or contributing in a financial way.

Throughout San Diego, there are events on Make a Difference Day as well as over the coming days after the day like planting trees in Chula Vista or participating in a 5K run where you can give your time or money to better someone else’s lives plus just enhance the community where you live or work.a3

Throughout the course of our existence as a family-owned flower shop in San Diego, we have contributed to charities and participated in numerous events as well as encouraged our customers to do the same.

For many years, we have also offered the Helping Hands program, which is an easy way for our customer to get involved and help a local charity with every purchase they make through our online flower shop.

The program helps numerous schools, churches, and non-profit organizations in La Mesa County, such as Emerald Middle School PTSA, Solana Highlands Elementary School, Valhalla Foundation Cheer, Del Mar Sharks Soccer Club, Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Congregation Beth Israel, Spina Bifida Association of San Diego, Housing on Merit an USS America.

It’s easy to enroll and get involved. When you order flowers online, all you have to do is select the “Helping Hands” pull down menu and select an organization that will receive your contribution.a5

This is also an opportune time to encourage more local San Diego organizations to join our Helping Hands program.

You will receive a list and funds each month so that you can then choose how to spend those funds on any goal specific to your organization whether that is for education, awareness, equipment, or financial assistance for someone in need.a4