a1With the wide array of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements our incredible floral design team creates each year, nothing beats the number of orders we get for bouquets of red roses in all sizes. That’s because this is the most traditional way to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day.

The Symbolism and History of Red Roses

Throughout history and literature, the red rose has symbolized love. Robert Burns created a poem in honor of the red rose and love while Shakespeare used a red rose in “Romeo and Juliet.”a2

The red rose appeared in Europe after it was brought from China in the 1800s, but the connection of love to the red color was used long before that for many things related to intense emotion. When roses arrived, it was considered to be one of the most beautiful symbols of deep love and a favorite way to communicate that love for another.

The meaning of deep love continues today with various numbers of red roses being gifted to a special someone. The popularity of a dozen red roses has come to symbolize giving one’s love for each month of the year. Two dozen, three dozen, or even more just doubles, triples, or quadruples that message of love.a3

Of course, there are other colors to give if you are not ready to show deep love for someone. Pink represents appreciation and happiness while yellow usually personifies friendship.

Premium Long-Stem Red Roses

There are all types of roses and strains of roses that you can give as well that offer different sizes and shapes to further personalize your red rose gift this Valentine’s Day. Our high-quality Ecuadorian Red Roses are now available for ordering and come in a wide array of quantities. They can also be incorporated in other flower arrangements alongside other varieties of flowers.a5

One of our most jaw-dropping Valentine’s Day red rose arrangements this year is “Wow: 100 Roses Arranged.” Yes, you guessed it – there are 100 crimson red stunning roses in this spectacular flower arrangement that have been hand-a4arranged in a flared glass vase. Anyone who gets this flower arrangement this Valentine’s Day is sure to be speechless!

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