A1Next to roses, tulips are one of the most beloved flowers and a true favorite in San Diego with the tulip farms found in nearby Carlsbad.

We tend to sell a lot of tulips at all of our San Diego flower shops because our customers love how they look, including the bright colors.A2

They also like that they last quite a long time and that they are easy to care for.

We offer a wide selection of tulips in various colors (white, light pink, hot pink, yellow, red, orange and purple just to name a few) and styles of flower arrangements as part of our tulip collection, which is available in our San Diego flower shops as well as online through our online flower shop.

Here are some of the beautiful tulips we offer:

  • Amazing Tulips offers four groups of 15 multicolored tulips in vibrant shades. This offers a fresh bouquet of 60 blooms in a vase. It creates a truly stunning effect.A3
  • Tulips Together features a trio of tulip bunches. Each bunch contains ten tulips and has been tied with bear grass. The three colors include purple, red, and yellow and are displayed together in a rectangular glass vase.
  • Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl contains 20 tulip stems in a bubble bowl.
  • Tulips in Love is a tulip arrangement that brings together red roses and pink tulips in a breathtaking way that shows your love for that special someone.A4
  • One of the most vibrant color choices is purple. Holland Purple Tulips shows off these beauties in a vase that’s been wrapped with a purple satin ribbon.

Our tulips are available for order by phone, in our San Diego store, or online through our online flower shop.

The tulips make a perfect gift for any occasion or simply enhance the décor of your home with their bright and cheery colors.a5

Be sure to order yours while supplies last!