dec1a3One of our favorite celebrations is just around the corner. That’s Plant a Flower Day on March 12th. Being in the flower business, we believe in the importance and value of sustaining our natural resources by continuing to plant so we can always enjoy these beautiful aspects of nature.

The day is meant to remind people of the need to keep planting and taking care of flowers by planting flowers in your own garden or by helping out in a community garden. Participating in this day is a great way to help the Earth and give back while also enjoying a fulfilling hobby outdoors in the beautiful San Diego sunshine.zoom_FB84330x37012021775522

We want to make sure that flowers will always be here for us, so that is why we work with flower farmers that are very conscious of what they do in terms of replanting and continually tending to the various flower varieties to make sure they will always be there for future generations to enjoy.

If you cannot participate in Plant a Flower Day, you can pick a different day to plant flowers in your garden or even start a garden if you do not yet have one. It’s a great activity for you and your kids to enjoy as well as teaches future generations about the importance of taking care of the B-Garden CelebrationEarth.

Other great ways to celebrate Plant a Flower Day is to send a flower-themed gift to a loved one. This could be a gardening gift basket with flower seeds included. Or, you could opt for a beautiful display of flowers that illustrates just why we all need to keep planting flowers and taking care of them.feb3a4

At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we are pleased to provide an abundance of flower choices and continually focus on our mission to be a sustainable business and caring for the Earth, which has given us so many beautiful varieties of flowers to enjoy and use to decorate our homes, offices, and events as well as use as symbols for our love and concern for others.