Ever find that you are just craving something special, something sweet and different from the usual and repetitive grind of ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s when you suddenly raid the pantry or you local market in search of a succulent chocolate bar or tangy and tart sour candy.

If this is you and it happens more than a few times a week or even a day, then chances are you have got yourself quite a sweet tooth. Maybe you aren’t the one with as much of a sweet tooth but someone you know is a bona fide junk food junkie. That’s why, come holiday, birthday, or some other special occasion, you can satisfy that craving with a unique gift basket from Allen’s Flowers and Plants!

The Junk Food Fantasy Gift Basket

This is no fantasy! In fact, the junk food fantasy bucket is real and even available in multiple sizes. You can check it out here and satisfy your own cravings or someone else’s unquenchable taste for sweets.

Dozens of your favorite candies, cookies, chips and even sodas are available and packed to the brim and overflowing from a beautiful wicker style basket. With sizes that range from a petite, personal gift meant for an individual to the jumbo sized basket with enough treats to satisfy a whole workplace or a really hungry junk food addict, you have a choice in the amount of junk food that you order!

The junk food fantasy basket is a great gift idea that works for so many occasions. From a child’s birthday to a grown adult’s birthday, our unique and fun gift basket will please anyone and everyone.

Even the office drones will love it and as a gift basket it is perfect for any holiday at the office as you can cover everyone you work with, with one generous offering of munchies, satisfying snacks, and candies. Perfect for any holiday or occasion and satisfying the hunger of any junk food junkie, this is a way to surprise those you love or appreciate in a way they may not have otherwise expected.

A One-Stop Gift Shop

Allen’s Flowers and Plants is the one-stop gift shop for all your gift needs in San Diego and the surrounding areas. We are the best place to get the freshest cut flowers and living plants in all of Southern California not to mention we have some unique and especially outlandish gifts that will appeal to even the most discerning of customers and gift recipients.

Visit us in one of our three locations as well as order online or by phone so you can surprise someone with a sweet treat or even a sweet bouquet of flowers from our wide selection.