September 9th is National Grandparents Day, a day where we should all take a moment of our time to celebrate Grandmas and Grandpas everywhere. After all, they are here for us every other day of the year.

However, Grandparents Day is not just about our grandparents but the elderly as a whole; in fact, that is where the idea for this holiday came about.

History of the Holiday

For Marian McQuade though, getting the state and eventually the country to recognize the elderly in a proper way became what some might call a crusade. What started in Marian’s hometown of Oak Hill, West Virginia as a project to educate youth as to the importance of the elderly and all they had done in life then became a three-year crusade for elderly recognition.

Boy did it pay off! In 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as ‘National Grandparents Day.’

As you may have suspected, National Grandparents Day is essentially Mother’s or Father’s Day but for thanking and celebrating the elderly and, of course, our own Grandparents. It is actually recognized in various places worldwide but on different days than our own.

National Grandparents Day is a holiday that was founded to further treasure our elderly as they truly are our history and should be revered and respected.

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Chances are you have a Grandparent or a few to celebrate with or maybe you are one yourself. So when September 9th rolls around, be sure to treat your grandparents to something truly special. At Allen’s Flowers we would like to propose a few great ideas to treating your grandparents to a fun-filled time.

For starters, know your Grandparents. Chances are they have always planned things for you; now you need to plan for them.

If you take them out, be sure to take them to a place that they would enjoy and keep in health issues they might have in mind when selecting a restaurant.

We also suggest the gift of flowers — something that everyone can enjoy.

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