a1Tulips are a real favorite in Southern California, and Allen’s Flowers & Plants has numerous tulip arrangements that make great gifts for any special occasion or as a “just because.”

These tulip arrangements also can be used for a wedding or event as well as special décor during the spring and summer seasons.a2

Here is a roundup of our tulip arrangements:

  • Tulips Together is a trio of tulips each bunched by colors that include red, yellow, and purple. Each bunch of tulips has been tied with bear grass and then displayed in a rectangular glass vase.
  • Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl contains 20 tulips from Holland. You pick the available colors and enjoy this fresh, vivid floral display.
  • Amazing Tulips has four fresh groups of 15 multi-colored tulips, offering up a total of 60 blooms in one special flower arrangement. It’s a truly spectacular way to display tulips.a3
  • Deluxe Fresh Holland Tulips offers up bright spring colors in a glass vase in available colors.

On top of these favorite tulip arrangements, you can also opt to create your own tulip flower arrangement for a gift, décor, floral centerpiece and more by working directly with our floral design team at any of our San Diego flower shop locations.

We get all of our tulips from local and international growers, ensuring the best quality flowers possible so that they arrive fresh and last as long as possible.a4

We also hand arrange and hand deliver these tulip arrangements to make sure that your recipient receives the best possible flower arrangement.

Be sure to get your tulips before they are gone as the season is nearing its end and soon we will be getting in many late summer and early fall flowers, including another store favorite: sunflowers.