A lot comes with October — there is, of course, Halloween and all the spooky fun that brings. Fall is in full season with the breeze and the dead leaves. The days are shorter and the nights longer — just another great reason to have some great plans for the month.

Luckily for those of you in the San Diego area and those looking for a getaway that’s not so far away, San Diego is quite the bustling city with lots of fantastic things to do.

Some Great Haunts in San Diego

With the celebration of Halloween being just a short couple of weeks away, the annual 29-day event, The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, is already underway in Balboa Park. This spooky event is being put on by The Haunted Hotel and they are promising a stroll through the world of nightmares. It’s a place where heroes hide in fear of what lurks in the dark and where your guide is your lifeline. You don’t want to get lost in those woods.

Thrill seekers, horror buffs, and people just out looking for a good time should be sure to check out The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park this Halloween. For more information on the event, pricing, and who to contact, feel free to visit the event site. Allen’s Flowers and Plants hopes to see you there sometime before the months end.

Also presented by The Haunted Hotel is their very own Haunted Hotel event. Come for a visit to this eerie inn and attempt to uncover its darkest secrets. Lairs where ghosts and goblins lie and where they are just dying for you to join them await so keep your wits about you and brave the corridors of the Haunted Hotel.

This 28-day event is a great way to spend this Halloween with family and friends or anyone willing to venture into the dark with you. For more information on this great haunt, feel free to visit the Haunted Hotel events page today.

In San Diego, there is always something going on — from shows and festivals to the more sinister adventures of October. Whether a resident or a guest in our hometown, be sure to enjoy your stay.

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