Spring is well underway with summer just around the corner. This time of year brings beautiful flower choices, including such seasonal favorites as tulips.   One of its best features is that it is available in so many of the brightest colors. And, with such a beautiful form and some that even have a lovely scent, it is no wonder that the tulip is so popular among florists and consumers alike. Our three floral shop locations in San Diego are reporting record orders for tulips this year.

All about Tulips

The vibrant tulip grows all over the world. In Holland, during the tulip bloom, tourists flock from around the world to see these lovely blooms. But, you may not be familiar with how tulips got their start. The tulip was introduced to the world by an Austrian biologist while the name came from a Turkish word that means turban as their shape somewhat resembles one.

These bulbous flowers are associated with the lily family and are considered somewhat of a larger flower with an average of six petals each. There are actually over 100 species of tulips and 3,000 registered varieties that have been catalogued and found from their home in Turkey where they were cultivated as far back as 1,000 AD to, of course, Europe and even China and Siberia!

Tulips as a Symbol

Of the brimming and bright flowers of spring, the tulip has got to be the most representative of happiness. Other international meanings associated with the tulip are dreaminess, a declaration of love, and imagination. They are given in friendship and in love for various occasions.

Did you Know?

Did you know that you can actually cook with a tulip bulb if you are out of onions? It really works!

Caring for Your Tulips

If your receive tulips as a gift or you are giving them to a loved one, please be sure to share these tips to ensure the tulips can be enjoyed as long as possible:

  • Leave the tulips upright for as long as possible by keeping them wrapped an in a vase of water under a light source for about an hour prior to taking them out and arranging them.
  • Take out any leaves that are under the water line of the vase.
  • Hold the stems underwater and cut off about one inch of each stem with knife or scissors. Make sure that these cut ends do not dry out before getting them into the vase.
  • Add a floral preservative to warm water and place the tulips in the vase that is then placed in a dark room or refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • Keep tulips in a cool area and away from direct sunlight.
  • Maintain a full water level with additional floral preservative to keep these thirsty flowers happy.