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Celebrating Friendship Week with Flowers and Special Gifts

Every third week of August is National Friendship Week. It's a week to celebrate those people in your life that you call friends. The ones you laugh with and cry with. They give you support and help make life so special. This is the week to let them know just how much they mean. However, it's also a good opportunity to go out and get to know someone new and create a new friendship. You can never have too many friends in your life. Whether it is for someone new or a long-time friend, think about flowers or another special gift from any of our San Diego flower shops or our website. We can send many special items from our flower and gift collection throughout the San Diego area as well as across the country. Check out these friendship week gift ideas: COLOR POP This standout flower arrangement contains green hydrangea alongside cayenne roses and purple stock. CORONADO SUNSET This beauty offers sunflowers, hydrangea, and scabiosa as well as bark and foliage in a leaf-lined vase. PACIFIC BEACH PERFECTION Named after a local San Diego beach area, the colors reflect the bright sun and carnival atmosphere of this area. It includes

Celebrating International Friendship Day with Flowers

Sunday, July 30th is International Friendship Day. It's that special day to toast those special people wherever they are in the world who you call friends. No matter where they are, they have your back, are available to listen and support, and offer some of the best memories so far. Take a moment to thank them with a special gift like flowers so they know just how special they are to you. Our San Diego flower shops and online florist store offer fresh and unique flower arrangements and bouquets that can be shipped all over the world thanks to our network of florist partners. Here are some ideas to get you started on your shopping for International Friendship Day many of which are from our summer flower collection: CELEBRATE This festive bouquet contains hot pink roses, orange lilies, purple alstroemerias and green button poms. They are hand-arranged in a leaf-lined glass cube that has been accented with ribbon. MOOD CHANGER Hot pink roses are combined with green cymbidium orchids, orange mini roses, and succulent cuts.  They are put together in a leaf-lined glass cylinder. SPECIAL SOMEONE Various shades of pink are found in this sweet flower arrangement of roses, spray

Peonies Have Arrived in Our San Diego Flower Shops

Peonies are a special summer flower that only comes around for a very short time, so now is the time to buy them for a special gift or to decorate your home or office with their magical beauty. These unique flowers are sophisticated and casual at the same time, making them perfect for everything from a formal event flower choice to a special addition to a summer wedding bouquet or wedding reception flower centerpiece.  Our peony collection includes some new floral designs this year to showcase just what a versatile flower they are for all types of bouquets and flower arrangements. Here are some of the highlights from our peony collection available right now in all of our San Diego flower shop locations and through our website: PEONY LUXE This peony flower arrangement contains pink peonies along with pink roses, garden hydrangea, and other summer flowers, which are then arranged in a gem-lined glass vase. SAN DIEGO PEONIES This peony bouquet mixes pink and white peonies with pink calla lilies and green hydrangeas within a white glass vase. PEONIES AND VIBURNUM Five coral and pink peonies are hand-arranged with Viburnum when they are in season or green hydrangea as a replacement. These summer

Special Spring Days to Celebrate with Flowers During March

March is a special month because it is the springboard into the spring season as the weather slowly begins to change and more flowers appear. With it comes many special days to celebrate, including Plant a Flower Day on March 12th, which happens to coincide with daylight savings this year, and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. With it comes our selection of spring flowers, including everyone’s favorite: tulips. Our farm fresh tulips offer a beautiful way to welcome the new season as a special gift for someone else or even to just decorate your own home. Along with tulips, we have other spring flowers that have arrived in our San Diego flower shops. Here’s a preview of some of the special flower arrangements we have on offer for the special spring days in March: Country Chic is a burlap arrangement that features white and green hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, coffee berries, and white tulips. Gaslamp Sensation offers green cymbidium orchids, hot pink and lavender roses, green and pink hydrangea and tulips in a glass cylinder vase. Tulips Together includes three bunches of ten tulips each in red, purple, and yellow that have been tied with bear grass and then displayed

Celebrating Local, National, and International Talent

Today, Friday, March 3rd, we celebrate talent everywhere with Employee Appreciation Day while next Wednesday, March 8th is International Working Women’s Day. Both days recognize the value that skilled workers everywhere have on businesses of all sizes. With more online businesses popping up, more women and men are becoming masters of their own destiny as freelancers and outsource workers. Whatever arrangement you have with these workers, it’s a good idea to take today and next week to thank them for their great ideas, passion, and hard work. We’ve put together a floral gift guide of stunning flowers from our collection that highlights the various sizes and floral designs you have available to send locally to a team member here in San Diego or across the country and world. Check out these gorgeous gift ideas: Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl comes with 20 beautiful and fresh tulips direct from Holland. It’s that time of year again to enjoy tulips, and these come in a variety of colors hand-arranged in a bubble bowl. Great Gerberas is another bright floral display with locally grown gerbera daisies in an inspiration vase. La Jolla Sunset celebrates this coastal city with bright colors reminiscent of a sunrise

Say Thank You with Flowers, Plants, or Special Expressions of Gratitude

One of the best ways we can show our gratitude and appreciation of others is with two small words: thank you. These small words hold a lot of meaning, especially since it seems like they are becoming rare. Keep the tradition of gratitude alive by always taking the time to thank someone whether it is a loved one, a colleague, a client or even someone who you just meant but helped you with something. All of our San Diego flower shops hold great ways to express this gratitude. Here are some ideas to get you started: Del Mar Sunflowers is a combination of bright ways to say thanks, including sunflowers, ocean blue delphinium, alstromeria and more. Garden Beauty has many flower varieties that all send your gratitude, such as hydrangea, roses and spray roses, lavender and orchids. Sweet San Diego has stunning blooms like pink Oriental lilies, tulips, larkspur and gerberas as well as lavender, red roses, white hydrangea, hot pink ranuculus, purple Monte Casino asters and stock all in a clear glass hurricane vase. Purple Pride has cream roses combined with purple lisianthus and monte casino asters in a glass vase. Great Gerberas celebrates this special flower by offering

Fall Brings Beautiful Flowers and Plants

The official start of the fall season is September 23rd, but fall flowers have already arrived in our San Diego flower shops. They are waiting for you to take them home, send them to loved ones, or display them at an upcoming fall wedding or fall event. We are excited to share these favorite fall flowers as part of our fall flower collection or as individual purchases of fall flower varieties like sunflowers—always a big seller in all our San Diego flower shop locations. Some of the beautiful fall flower arrangements we have include the following: BRIGHT AS DAY This flower arrangement is a great way to celebrate the fall season. It features a colorful combination of orange Asiatic lilies, dark orange alstromeria, bright sunflowers, pink roses and lavender stock. It is hand arranged and hand delivered in a beautifully crafted vase. DEL MAR SUNSET This modern fall flower arrangement features roses, tulips, lilies and hydrangea in a leaf lined glass vase. SUNFLOWER FUN This flower arrangement has a dozen vibrant yellow sunflowers that are accented with delicately folded aspidistra leaves and arranged in a clear glass vase GARDEN SUNSET This is a garden-style flower arrangement of sunflowers, roses, Peruvian

Celebrating National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7th

National Grandparents Day is that special day to celebrate those special people that love and spoil you. Although every day is a special day when you have family that love you unconditionally and have the wisdom to provide you with the best advice, it is nice to have a special day of honor set aside for them. This special day is on Sunday, September 7th. Whether you spend time with them, send them a gift, or do both, remember what they add to your life.  How to Celebrate National Grandparents Day There are so many ways that you can celebrate this special day with your grandparents: Take them out for a meal or have them over for dinner. Spend the day out together doing something they enjoy. Help them around their house with repairs, maintenance, or cleaning. Visit with them, talking and listening to their great stories. Call or video chat with them. Give them a gift. Do all of the above! Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day Whether you just can’t be with them on this special day because of the distance or you want to give them something in addition to the other ways you plan to celebrate, check

Do You Know Your State Flower?

Every state has an official state flower. Do you know what the state flower for California is? Well, it’s our job to know as a California florist. It’s the golden poppy. We put a blog together to share more about this special flower found throughout California. This flower goes by many names: Golden Poppy, California Poppy, or California Golden Poppy. It is a perennial wild flower that is seen on many of California’s rolling hills and grassy or sandy slopes, and it is known for its flaming color. Some have even referred to it as the cup of gold. It’s been our state flower since 1903. Each year, there are special celebrations to celebrate the poppy, including California Poppy Day on April 6th and Poppy Week from May 13-18, with special festivals and events throughout the state as the poppy comes into bloom for the season, typically from February to September each year. The golden poppy is about two to three inches in diameter and comes in various colors, including scarlet, rose, white, terra cotta, bronze and, of course, gold. They typically have four fan-shaped petals and numerous stamens with fern-like leaves on long stalks. Besides California, the poppy is

Easy Flower Arrangement and Gift Ordering: In-Store or Online!

Allen’s Flowers and Plants is San Diego’s premiere florist. All of our locations make ordering easy, but for those on the go, we also have enhanced our online ordering process. Our blog post today offers you reasons why you should stop by or even place your order online. In-Store Ordering of Flowers, Plants, and Gifts One of the best ways to order from us is to come into one of our locations listed below. Each store is staffed with trained and seasoned professionals who understand how to match you with the flowers, plants, and gifts you are looking for and that are within your budget. Whether you are ordering a flower bouquet or you are planning a wedding, our locations can handle all your requests with friendly, personable service. So, come see us at: La Mesa 5609 Lake Murray Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942 (619) 460-3192   El Cajon 107 Jamacha Rd. El Cajon, CA 92019 (619) 579-6720 Downtown San Diego 620 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 233-7673 The beauty of coming into our shop is that you will see a wide selection of the fresh flowers we use as well as enjoy the many events and incentives we offer for stopping in to