Shower Them with Love: Celebrating a New Life with Flowers

Pain, panic, and an uncontrollable nervousness followed by the cheers and tears of the mother and the whimpering cry of a newborn child and that pale faced and nervous father now breaking out a proud smile and sigh of relief. Every parent knows these feelings, having been through it one or more times as they welcome a new life. Celebrating the Bundle of Joy Once the anxiety ends, the celebration begins. Soon after, family and friends come in droves to see the new bundle of joy and share in the celebration. What better way to say congratulations than with a special gift for the parents, especially if it includes something like flowers that are sure to brighten the sterile hospital room. Here are some ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to a weary mom and dad: Deluxe Tulips fresh from Holland in bright colors like yellow, purple, orange and pink are sure to delight and represent the celebration of new life and friendship. You can get them in bunches of anywhere from 15 to 30 tulips, depending on your budget. A blushing arrangement of various pink flowers is a great way to welcome a baby girl into