Getting Ready for Prom: Bringing Back the Beauty of Flowers

The world may be changing in many ways – how we dress, how we communicate, what we dance to, etc. – but there are some traditions that still carry on. One of these is Prom, that end-of-the-year dance that becomes an excuse to dress up, make memories, and cut loose after a long, hard year of school. And some of the traditions that go with it are still the same. It’s still about fancy gowns and penguin suits. There are limos and parties. And, of course, every gentleman knows there are flowers. That means you must seek out that beautiful arrangement of flowers and, of course, a fresh corsage that compliments her stunning gown. It’s time to impress her and, more importantly, the parents that will most likely be standing there, staring you down and assessing your worth and your intentions. It’s time to make a great impression – and that might even include bringing your date’s mom a rose or small bouquet of flowers. At least, this might buy you some bonus points and maybe even an extra hour on the clock before having to bring her back home.        How to Pick a Prom Corsage Since girls pretty much