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Fresh Floral Designs for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but there is still time to pick up or have some incredible fresh floral designs, including arrangements, centerpieces, garlands, and wreaths, delivered to your Thanksgiving feast. You can also send some Thanksgiving flowers to those you love or to that special host. Here are some of the newest Thanksgiving flower designs we have available right now for order by phone, in our San Diego flower shops, or on our website: GIVE THANKS CORNUCOPIA This is a classic style of cornucopia arrangement that comes in a basket shaped like a cornucopia. It features orange, purple, burgundy and green hues and premium flowers like hydrangea, kale, orchids, and protea. GIVE THANKS CENTERPIECE This Thanksgiving centerpiece offers colors like orange, purple, burgundy and green blooms. There are hydrangea, kale, orchids, and protea arranged in a rectangular glass vase.  This matches the Give Thanks Cornucopia so you can use them together to coordinate your Thanksgiving decor. ORGANIC EXPRESSIONS This arrangement includes kale and pincushion protea as well as premium flowers and fall accents arranged in a wooden box. WOODLAND SUNSET The fall arrangement is a rustic style that includes antique hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, garden roses, croton foliage, and other

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How to Create a Custom Thanksgiving Centerpiece

While it is nice to pick up a Thanksgiving centerpiece because it is fast and easy to do during a hectic time, you can also create more special memories for this family holiday. With Thanksgiving arriving on Thursday, November 23rd, it's time to start thinking about what type of custom centerpiece to make for Thanksgiving. When you start thinking about a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece, it's good to look at what we already have available on our website in the Thanksgiving collection. This gives you ideas about the type of style, floral design, color selection and type of flowers you like. Also, you want to consider your own home decor, color, and design so that it complements the entire effect you want to create for Thanksgiving. From there, you can determine your budget for the custom Thanksgiving centerpiece. By having some general ideas and parameters ahead of time, it will make your appointment with our floral design team quick, easy, and enjoyable. There are also some great fall accents to add to your Thanksgiving. This includes branches, fall leaves, ornamental grass, gourds, eucalyptus, seed pods and more. You can also think about using candles as well. Some can even have hurricane

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It’s Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 23rd this year. Have you started planning what you will do and how you will decorate or what type of gift you will get for the host if you aren't cooking? Maybe you can't make it to be with your family this year so you'll need to send something to say how much you will miss them. That's why we have put together an extraordinary Thanksgiving flower collection. And, we can deliver throughout San Diego or across the country. To get you ready and in the Thanksgiving spirit, here are some great ideas for gifts and decor: ALLEN'S CORNUCOPIA This cornucopia basket is filled to the brim with orange roses, peach lilies, burgundy mini carnations, eucalyptus, and fall greenery. COUNTRY HARVEST This rustic Thanksgiving flower arrangement features candles, chrysanthemums, lilies, wheat, oak leaves, and a country plaid ribbon. AUTUMN GLOW This unique arrangement for Thanksgiving includes our antique green hydrangea. There are also roses, calla lilies, and eucalyptus in a white glass container. SAN DIEGO SUNSET This sophisticated Thanksgiving flower arrangement features cayenne roses, calla lilies, cottage yarrow, and seasonal accents in a leaf-lined vase. AUTUMN CORNUCOPIA This Thanksgiving centerpiece offers a rustic cornucopia full of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, roses,

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in San Diego

We are ready to help you have a fantastic celebration this Thanksgiving with friends and family by offering decorations for your feast table, buffet table, and home. Our Thanksgiving collection is designed to appeal to all types of styles and budgets so that you can add some special flare to your table with a Thanksgiving centerpiece or bring a special Thanksgiving flower arrangement to someone hosting a special dinner. Here are some special ideas that you can incorporate in your Thanksgiving celebration: Higher Grounds features Mokara orchids, roses, hydrangea and kale in a unique designed flower arrangement. The Fall Centerpiece has roses, orchids, decorative berries and lilies. Allen’s Cornucopia includes roses, lilies, carnations, eucalyptus and lush greenery in a cornucopia basket. Country Harvest is a Thanksgiving centerpiece with oak leaves, wheat, chrysanthemums, lilies, ribbon and candles. Autumn Glow includes green hydrangea with eucalyptus, roses, and calla lilies in a white glass container. The Thanksgiving Gathering Centerpieces has fall décor mixed with roses, lilies, and daisies. Order now in our San Diego flower shops, call us, or go online and order through our website. We do deliver locally and nationally through the evening of Wednesday, November 23rd. However, we will be

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Our San Diego flower shops and our online store have a bountiful collection of fall flower arrangements and Thanksgiving centerpieces for that special family tradition that arrives on Thursday, November 26th. By ordering now to decorate your home and holiday table or to bring something special to a holiday party, you will be able to check off one of the many things you find you have to do during this season. We’re here to help you make the season the most enjoyable one yet. To get you started, check out these beautiful fall flower centerpieces and floral décor for Thanksgiving: Warm Lights is a Thanksgiving flower centerpiece that offers two pillar candles that are set in a sea of roses and orchids in red, orange, and bronze hues. Thanksgiving Lights also offers two elegant taper candles that are surrounded by red roses, orange and bronze chrysanthemums, orange Asiatic lilies and natural wheat. The Family Centerpiece is truly heartwarming and features orange roses, dark orange alstromeria, yellow and rush cushion spray chrysanthemums, bronze button spray chrystanthemums, Asiatic lilies and fall foliage. The Thanksgiving Gathering Centerpiece has roses, daisies, lilies and fall foliage. The Fall Centerpiece showcases a harvest themed array of

Fun November Events in San Diego

While Thanksgiving is the focal point of November celebrations, there are other fun-filled and festive events that take place in San Diego this month that are worth taking in and offer something for every member of the family. Here are two of our favorite November events in San Diego. 11th Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival This favorite event brings together wine and food enthusiasts over the course of five days, starting on November 17th and ending on November 23rd. It has become the region’s largest wine and culinary extravaganza. Each year it grows as more venues are added throughout the San Diego downtown area. Some of this year’s highlights include the following: Comer Conmigo: Dinner. Tequila. Wine. This is an upscale six-course dinner at Comun Kitchen & Tavern from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. that is November 17th. Tickets are $175 per person. The Fish Taco TKO & San Diego Craft Beers On November 18th, this casual event will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Liberty Station. Tickets are $45 per person. 100 Years of Inspiration & Innovation: Trailblazing Cuisine Throughout The Century This event on November

Time to Order Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Floral Gifts for Home and Loved Ones

Thanksgiving arrives on Thursday, November 27th and with it comes a beautiful table for a lovely meal with loved ones.   Whether you are decorating your own home for the upcoming festivities, you are visiting someone else’s home and want to bring a special gift, or you are missing out on those you are thankful this year but want to send them your love, we are here to help with a collection of Thanksgiving centerpieces and floral gifts.  Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpieces In this blog post, we are showcasing our spectacular collection of Thanksgiving centerpieces, which look great on the dining table, a buffet table, and even a family room table. These also make great gifts: ALLEN'S CORNUCOPIA This cornucopia features orange roses, peach lilies, burgundy mini carnations, eucalyptus and lush greenery that has been arranged in a natural cornucopia basket. AUTUMN CORNUCOPIA Show your gratitude with this rustic cornucopia that is filled full of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, roses and lush fall foliage. COUNTRY HARVEST Adorn your Thanksgiving table with the warm, golden colors of fall, including fresh chrysanthemums, lilies, wheat and oak leaves as well as candles and a country plaid ribbon. WARM LIGHTS A warm glow will come from this

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A Beautiful Selection of Thanksgiving Flowers and Table Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is not that far away, so it’s a great time to start thinking and planning of your Thanksgiving table or what you plan on sending to loved ones, colleagues, or clients over this special holiday of gratitude. Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego is already taking Thanksgiving orders and has a wide range of Thanksgiving flowers for centerpieces, table settings, and gifts. Thanksgiving Flower Designs Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving floral designs: Del Mar Sunset is a modern twist on the fall arrangement. This small flower arrangement contains roses, tulips, lilies and hydrangea arranged in a leaf lined glass vase. Allen’s Cornucopia features orange roses, peach lilies, burgundy mini carnations, eucalyptus and greenery arranged in a natural cornucopia basket. Autumn Luxury is a plush and oversized fall flower arrangement with bounteous flowers and greenery as well as stunning fall leaves. The Fall Centerpiece is warm, elegant, and expansive, including a wide range of fall flowers and featuring many sunflowers throughout this stunning Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Country Harvest highlights the warn, golden colors of fall with candles, chrysanthemums, lilies, wheat, oak leaves and a plaid ribbon weaved throughout the centerpiece. The Tuscan Centerpiece has three candles and

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Set the Thanksgiving Holiday Table with Beautiful Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving is about a special time and creating memories with those we love. Many of us will be having friends and family over for a grand feast and festivities. Like the dinner that you will be slaving away on in the kitchen, chances are you want everything to be perfect. You hope everyone enjoys themselves and the food, so what better way to lighten the mood but with beautiful floral decorations at and around the dinner table. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we couldn’t think of a better thing ourselves. Setting a Beautiful Table for the Feast Impress your guests even before the bird is brought out for carving. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we have just the means to help you do that this fine Thanksgiving Day. With our countless number of Thanksgiving-themed floral centerpieces and even more floral arrangements and bouquets all in the flavor of autumn, all of these themed pieces of floral art are perfect to decorate your home for the holiday. Take one of our beautifully designed floral centerpieces that will perfectly complement any Thanksgiving feast. For example, “Allen’s Cornucopia” is a centerpiece that stays to the Thanksgiving centerpiece tradition but still manages to bring

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