Fall is finally here. Can’t you feel it in the air? There are some obvious changes that indicate fall’s presence like shorter days and the changing colors to the leaves.  

Other changes have been that the new season of football has arrived and some of the public’s favorite television shows, too.

What else comes with fall though besides a plethora of birthdays and holidays? The Homecoming dance and game, of course!


Most of you probably have hands-on experience with the events of Homecoming, a school holiday and festival of sorts that often lasts more than just the evening of the dance and game.

In fact, many schools celebrate Homecoming ‘week’ as it really does signify the return of students and teachers to the school for hopefully another great year.

The main event is obviously the game and, of course, the dance (surely the ladies and gentlemen will argue about which is truly more important). However, the game and the dance are not the only things that go on during Homecoming week.

The week is most often a school spirit week and with that each day has a dress up theme from crazy hair to pajamas. Schools will also sometimes host parades and festivals as fundraisers. Then, there are pep rallies and sometimes even bonfires.

The Big Game and the Dance

The Homecoming game and dance are often themed to help keep things interesting and students will sometimes dress appropriately to the theme. While you won’t need flowers for the game, you guys will certainly need them for the dance.

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You will be sure to find a corsage for your date and even a nice boutonniere for your lapel. There are many at prices that are sure to fit your tight student budget.

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