larkspura1Just like birthstones, there are certain flowers that are attributed to certain months of the year. The month of July is represented by the Larkspur.

larkspura2This blog post provides some background information about the larkspur and offers some floral arrangements that feature this beautiful July flower.

All about the Larkspur

Here are some interesting facts to help you get to know the Larkspur:

  • It is a member of the buttercup family.
  • These complex flowers come in a multitude of colors, including red, pink, white, blue, and violet.
  • They are irregularly shaped and bloom in vertical groupings with petals and sepals.
  • Their tall spikes make them a popular choice for cut flower arrangements.
  • These are fragile, short-lived flowers when kept in a vase.
  • The Larkspur plant is actually toxic with stems and seeds that contain alkaloids.

Larkspur Flower Arrangements

Our floral design team at each of our San Diego flower shops loves to use the Larkspur in their floral designs. Here are some of our favorite flower arrangements with Larkspur:

  • Garden Celebration: This abundant and colorful flower arrangement looks like a garden in full bloom. It is bursting with two feet of fresh flowers, including pink lilies, light purple lisianthus, purple hydrangea and pink roses. The flower arrangement also contains a balanced amount of greenery arranged in a tall glass vase.
  • Sweet San Diego: This larger-than-life flower arrangement is a grand display of pink Oriental lilies, tulips, larkspur, gerberas, white hydrangea, hot pink raunculus, lavender and red roses, purple Monte Casino asters and stock along with greenery displayed in a clear glass hurricane vase. It’s absolutely breathtaking!larkspura3
  • Lavender Tribute Basket: Beautifully arranged in a round wicker basket, this heartwarming flower arrangement offers a profusion of purple, pink, and lavender blooms, including roses, larkspur, carnations, Monte Casino asters and more.

Although sad to think about, we do make many flower arrangements for funerals, including those for the casket and standing wreaths many of which feature the larkspur. These flowers offer beauty and brightness even in a time of sadness.

No matter what you may be ordering – whether it is a flower arrangement for a loved one, a bouquet of flowers to treat yourself, or flowers for an event or wedding, consider using the larkspur for its extraordinary color variations and sublime beauty.