c1Monday, September 28th has been designated as National Good Neighbor Day.

This means it is a good opportunity to thank your neighbors and create stronger bonds or perhaps mend fences.c2

You can also use it as an opportune time to introduce yourself to a new neighbor and begin building that community spirit.c3

To help you celebrate this special day, come by any of our Atlanta flower shops and pick up a special gift to give to your neighbor like these ideas:

  • Countryside Harvest is a fall floral delight with lilies, garden roses, and sunflowers in a glass vase.
  • The Carithers Fond Arrival Bouquet comes in three sizes of 15, 19, or 24 stems and contains lavender roses, burgundy mini carnations, and peach Asiatic lilies in a cube vase that has been wrapped with a fall-themed plaid ribbon.
  • Monet’s Garden is an artfully crafted flower arrangement of yellows and blues, including field asters, garden roses, and southern full-bloom hydrangea.
  • The Vibrant Presentation Bouquet is a large display of stunning flowers in vibrant colors.c7
  • The Autumn Flowers, Fruit, and Chocolate Gift Basket has a little bit of everything, which makes it a nice delivery for your neighbor.
  • The Chocolate Gourmet Gift Basket features all types of chocolate, including truffles, chocolate treats, and cookies in milk and dark chocolate varieties.c8
  • The Fall Frenzy Flowering Plant Basket is a large display with a peace lily, azalea plant, mums and daisy mums, ivy, begonia and pothos in a wicker basket.
  • The Ivy Bear Topiary Flowering Garden has a cute bear topiary peeking outside from within a flowering garden basket.

Of course, we can also hand deliver it for you, but it makes great sense to bring it to your neighbor personally and let them know how much you are glad they are your neighbor, helping to look out for your home and family as well as keep the neighborhood looking great!