Besides our very own Allen’s Flowers and Plants having locations all throughout the outstanding city of San Diego, the city itself has so much to offer. Whether a visitor just passing through or a local with nothing to do, today we are going to offer up some great suggestions on fun family orientated things to do while in our fine city.

So, if you have time to kill on a weekend or in the evening after work, why not head on out and into town? Don’t know what to do? Why don’t you continue on reading as we have some great suggestions on what to do with your time in San Diego?

Reoccurring Events

The Farmers Markets here in San Diego are all over and offer a great place to try some local flavors. In fact, if you plan carefully, you can visit a Farmers Market almost any time of day and at anytime of the week.

So, what is a Farmers Market and what do they have to offer? What started originally as a place for produce farmers to sell their crop to the public has become a weekly family attraction that in some places is almost as big as the local fair.

Farmers Markets offer many things now, from fresh produce to meats, crafts and even beautiful flowers, which do make them a great place to just take in the fresh air. A few of these weekly Farmers Markets include:

  • The Tuesday afternoon Coronado Farmers Market has great views and small town values while you shop.
  • Come Wednesday evening to the Open Beach Certified Farmers Market and check out the various arts and crafts along with fresh produce too.
  • There are many other Farmers Markets at varying times go on pretty much every day of the week, so chances are there is always something to do.

Other Events 

Include the San Diego County fair as well as a number of concerts and other fun attractions for the whole family. With a number of beautiful parks each with uniquely different events, it is a safe bet that you can always find something to do. So, whether you want to hit the clubs, a concert, or the local Farmers Market, just remember that San Diego has so much to do. With plenty of events and attractions, it’s a safe bet to say that San Diego is a great city filled with entertainment and culture.    

At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we are strongly rooted in the community and believe in supporting local events like these. We even support the local growers by getting our stock of the freshest flowers directly from them and their nurseries. Remember that for the best and the freshest selection, always come to Allen’s Flowers and Plants because you can see and smell the difference.