a2Palm Sunday is March 29th followed a week later by Easter Sunday. This is a special time to reflect on renewal and prepare for new growth during the new season.

a5Flowers serve as a great reminder of this time of renewal and rebirth. They are a beautiful way to decorate your home. One way you can decorate for these two special spring events is to create spring floral centerpieces. Here are some ideas on making some beautiful spring floral centerpieces:

  • Take advantage of all the various types of spring flowers now available as well as utilize greenery or green plants to add depth and interest.
  • Make a row of floral centerpieces in empty eggshells and ceramic egg cups.
  • Use various baskets that you may have around the house to arrange spring flowers.
  • Get creative with your containers, including using a watering can, glass compotes, and various ceramic bowls and dishes.feb3a4
  • Add Easter motifs like Easter eggs or spring motifs like butterflies to your flower arrangement.
  • There is no hard and fast rules to creating a floral centerpiece. It should just be a reflection of you and your décor so that it enhances the mood and environment during this special spring holiday season.romantic2

If you do not want to create your own spring floral centerpieces using our flowers in bulk option, you can order a hand arranged spring flower arrangement from any one of our San Diego flower shops. Our daily deals mean that you can get great prices on farm fresh flowers many of which come from sustainable flower farmers throughout San Diego County.

You can also stop in and schedule an appointment to work with our floral design team directly on creating custom floral centerpieces or Easter flower centerpieces. This is a great way to learn tips on the best way to arrange flowers for a centerpiece. Each of our San Diego flower shops has many floral designs on display to give you ideas for what you want to give or use in your own home this spring.gramps2

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