babyA1The birth of a baby (or babies if it so happens to be twins or more!) is a joy for the parents and their circle of family and friends. Every new life that enters the world is a cause for celebration whether it is the very first bundle of joy in the family or you are several bundles into creating your family.

For those of you who know someone in the San Diego who has recently had a baby or even if you live here and want to use your local, favorite, and top-rated San Diego florist to send flowers to new parents somewhere around the country, you might want to consider these highlights from our website that offer some of our favorite new baby flower arrangements and new baby gift baskets.

Baby-Themed Flower Arrangements

First, there are our flower arrangements to celebrate the new arrival:

  • For new baby flower arrangements, we have arrangements that highlight a boy or a girl by matching hues of blue or pink flowers along with coordinating ribbons. During this spring season that includes some beautiful flower choices, including roses, tulips, gerbera daisies, calla lilies and orchids to name just a few.babyA2
  • If you are not sure if it is a boy or a girl or there are both, you might consider sending a bright flower arrangement with sunny yellow flower choices, including sunflowers or yellow tulips or yellow roses.
  • Flowers can be arranged in adorable, baby-themed holders, including those designed to look like baby’s first block.
  • Many of our flower arrangements can be enhanced with Mylar balloons as well as cuddly stuffed animals.
  • If flowers are not the thing for mom and dad, maybe you can stand out in the crowd of gifts with a flowering plant, green plant, or dish garden that will brighten their home and welcome the arrival of the family.

Gift Baskets for Mom (and Dad)

Amongst all the flowers and excitement, the new mom and dad are sure to be tired and often forget to eat over all the anxiety of feedings, diapers, and naps.

babyA3One way to keep mom and dad well taken care of is to gift them with a gift basket full of goodies. Here are some ideas that make great gift baskets for mom and dad:

  • A coffee, tea, and breakfast goodies basket – of course, the goodies don’t have to be just for breakfast but could be cookies and other items to enjoy throughout the day – and night!
  • A fresh fruit basket with other gourmet items like cheese and crackers – fruit is a great source of energy and vitamins needed to keep going, especially during those first few weeks of little sleep.
  • A pampering spa basket for mom with a robe, bubble bath, candles and more to treat mom to some relaxation. Just remember, dad, to take over baby duty so mom can catch up on some ‘me’ time!
  • A survival basket with coupons to help with housework or vouchers for babysitting so mom and dad can get some alone time.babyA4

All it takes is some creativity and lots of love to show the new parents just how much you want to celebrate their new life and the new addition to the family circle.