It’s that time of year again when you keep checking the landscape to see if the flowers are blooming yet. The temperatures are jumping around and going from chilly nights and warm, almost summery, days. You’ve checked your closet for shorts to wear, but this is the time of year that layers are the way to go.

While you wait for the weather to settle, think about bringing the colors of spring into your home and enjoying the incredible variety of blooms available right now. What could be better than a “Sunny Day” arrangement? How about the “Sunny San Diego”? “A Spring Delight” is so uplifting that you won’t even notice when the temperatures plummet.

The Colors of Spring

Color plays an important role in affecting your mood. According to some scientists, the colors that you surround yourself with can shape your mood and actually make you happier, more confident, bolder, and maybe even up the fun factor. What better way to do that than to surround yourself with the wide range of colors in flowers and plants. Here are some common color mood changers:

  • Blue – gives you strength and confidence;
  • Red – makes you bold and powerful,
  • Pink – lets people know that you are fun and lively.

Roses are Red…

Whoever said that “roses are red and violets are blue” just wasn’t paying attention to the many other colors found within the rose family. Roses come in red, yellow, white, pink, orange, multi-colored and lavender.

And, really, violets are pretty much purple. The “Violets and Butterflies” basket shows off one of April’s loveliest little blooms with panache while the amazing variety of rose arrangements can express you every early spring mood perfectly.

Bringing the Outside Inside

Making a special place that is calm and relaxing is easy with beautiful cymbidium orchids in the “Zensational” arrangement or with “Zen Succulents.” Plants come in blooming and simply green varieties. If you have a bit of a green thumb, add some flowering plants or some green plants to your home or office and bring a little bit of the outside inside.

Even if the outdoor garden is not quite ready for planting yet, you can still celebrate the spring season with growing things in baskets and pots.

Be sure to think about how you can even liven others’ moods with a bounty of spring’s most colorful flower offerings by sending a floral arrangement, flowering garden, or plant to a loved one this season.

When April showers hit, you know that you have added some sunshine to a friend or family member with a beautiful spring arrangement that will have them thinking that May is on its way!