A1June is a great month already full of birthdays, wedding, graduations and Father’s Day.A2

On top of that, there are other special days designated in June that call for a gift or display of flowers, blooming plants, and/or green plants.

These special days include National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th and Best Friends Day on June 8th.

Both days offer a way to celebrate Nature and the idea of working together to create something beautiful whether it is a garden or a friendship.A3

Both need nurturing and watering to develop into something sustainable.

To help you celebrate these special days in June, consider these ideas from our collection that can be found in our San Diego flower shops as well as online through our website:A4

  • The Treasure Garden Basket contains pink kalanchoe, hypoestes, green nephthytis, and Boston and Maidenhair ferns arranged in a round wicker basket.
  • The Blooming Garden Basket has a combination of blooming plants and orchids that can last for years to come with minimal maintenance.A5
  • The Orchid Garden Deluxe has lush green and seasonal blooming plants with a premium phalaeonopsis orchid in a stone bowl.
  • Succulents in Stone also comes in a stone bowl but contains a wide array of California succulent plants.A6
  • Mood Changer offers hot pink roses, orange mini roses, green cymbidium blooms and succulents in a leaf-lined glass cylinder.
  • Garden Sunset contains sunflowers, Peruvian lilies, summer fillers and roses in a glass vase. There are two sizes available.A8
  • Sunflower Garden focuses the bright sunflower and accompanied by lilies, roses, alstromeria, stock and more in a cylinder vase.

This is just a small example of what we offer. More is available online and in our San Diego shop flower locations.

You can also buy in bulk to make your own flower arrangements and bouquets, or you can opt to use our custom flower arrangement and custom bouquet service.

We take orders in our San Diego flower shops, by phone, and online through our website ordering form. Our delivery area includes all of San Diego and nationally.