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Fall Has Arrived in San Diego!

Fall officially begins on Friday, September 22nd. However, we have already been celebrating the new season with the arrival of our fall flowers at all our San Diego flower shop locations. Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. While we enjoy the summer season, it's nice to start feeling a change in the weather and seeing the leaves change. These colors also are reflected in our fall flower collection, including many bold colors and unique textures. Many of these fall colors are perfect to decorate for the upcoming fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. These fall flowers may also be part of special occasions like birthdays and fall weddings. To get you ready for the fall season, here are some of the beautiful fall flower arrangements and fall bouquets we have for you on our website and in our San Diego flower shops: GARDEN SUNSET This fall floral display includes sunflowers, roses, Peruvian lilies, and seasonal fillers hand-arranged in a glass vase. There are two sizes to choose from for your gift or decor selection. SUNFLOWER LOVERS BOUQUET Made for those who adore sunflowers, this special fall arrangement includes a unique mix of flowers like sunflowers, hot pink

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Celebrating the Oscars with Luxurious Flower Arrangements

This year, the Oscars are on Sunday, February 26th, which means it’s time to plan your viewing party and think about how you can create a special look and feel that reflects the elegance and glamor of those movie stars you’ll see at the awards show. Whether you want to create custom flower arrangements with our floral design team or you select some of our luxurious flower arrangements, you are sure to add a sophisticated look to your Oscars viewing party with these beauties. Here are some great examples of luxurious flower arrangements that would look great for the big event: California Gold brings together elegance and artisanal beauty with blue and green hydrangeas, roses, and succulents in a burlap-wrapped vase. The Garden Elegance Basket features roses, calla lilies, orchids and other garden flowers in shades of green, pink, and purple. It comes in three sizes. Prestige showcases premium flowers like oncidium orchids, hydrangea, roses, and tulips. It’s a true stunner! Vivacious offers hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies in a designer vase. Go with a sophisticated look of all white with Calla Me Crazy, which comes with 20 full-size calla lilies and foliage in a rectangular

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Not Sure What Flowers to Get? We Can Help!

While you may know you want to get flowers for a friend or family member or maybe even a client or colleague, picking the right ones can be the hardest part. However, it doesn’t have to be because your local florist like us, your favorite San Diego flower shop, can help you select the perfect flowers for each occasion. One of the best places to start looking, especially if you want to do it on your own time, is our website. Here, we have done a lot of the work for you to narrow down your choices and make it easier. First, we offer a list on our website of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and more that include recommended flower arrangements that are appropriate for those special days. Within each category there are many styles and prices to choose from to further ease the challenge of finding the right flower arrangement or bouquet. Second, we have a menu category called flowers, which allows you to shop by the type of flower. This helps if you know your loved one likes roses or is enamored with tulips. We show you all the various types of flower arrangements that feature

Celebrating Special Days in July

Beyond the 4th of July celebrations and other special events, the month of July is filled with special occasion days that are celebrated each year. Many of these special days in July have to do with celebrating certain family members who have shown us love, mentored and protected us, and enhanced our life. In July, the special family-oriented days include: July 24 is Cousin’s Day and Parents’ Day July 26 is Aunt and Uncle Day July 30 is Father-in-Law Day While it’s good to give them a card or other gift that tells them just how much you appreciate them, we also think that summer flowers make for a special gift. Since July is peak season for summer flower season, all of our flower arrangements feature a wide array of these bright, beautiful blooms. Here are some great gift ideas for these special family celebration days in July: Cymbidium Sophistication has three fresh-cut cymbidium orchid sprays arranged in a modern vase. This long-lasting gift will be a reminder for months to come beyond the special day in July. La Jolla Tropics has birds of paradise, heliconia, red ginger and yellow oncidium orchids along with a variety of tropical foliage. It’s

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Summer Flowers Have Arrived Just in Time!

Summer starts today – Monday, June 20th. We’ve got a large supply of summer flowers from our trusted flower partners locally and internationally. It’s time to start thinking about how to decorate for all those upcoming summer celebrations, including patriotic flowers for the 4th of July. Here are some of our summer favorites now in stock along with some examples of the types of summer flower arrangements available: Roses With June as National Rose Month, this summer favorite offers a beautiful way to celebrate the summer. You could get a patriotic set of color-dipped roses or create some stunning arrangements for your home or a special occasion like these: Feel the Love is bursting with color. There are bright rose colors like yellow, orange, pink and red along with greenery in a clear glass vase. You can choose from flower arrangement sizes that contain 12, 18, or 24 roses. Yellow Roses provides 12 or 24 bright yellow premium roses mixed with solidago and greenery in a clear glass gathering vase. It is like a container of sunshine that is sure to cheer the recipient or brighten a room in your home. Orchids Another beautiful flower to enjoy in the summer

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National Gardening Exercise Day and Best Friends Day

June is a great month already full of birthdays, wedding, graduations and Father’s Day. On top of that, there are other special days designated in June that call for a gift or display of flowers, blooming plants, and/or green plants. These special days include National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th and Best Friends Day on June 8th. Both days offer a way to celebrate Nature and the idea of working together to create something beautiful whether it is a garden or a friendship. Both need nurturing and watering to develop into something sustainable. To help you celebrate these special days in June, consider these ideas from our collection that can be found in our San Diego flower shops as well as online through our website: The Treasure Garden Basket contains pink kalanchoe, hypoestes, green nephthytis, and Boston and Maidenhair ferns arranged in a round wicker basket. The Blooming Garden Basket has a combination of blooming plants and orchids that can last for years to come with minimal maintenance. The Orchid Garden Deluxe has lush green and seasonal blooming plants with a premium phalaeonopsis orchid in a stone bowl. Succulents in Stone also comes in a stone bowl but contains

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February 29th is Leap Day! Celebrate with Flowers!

Leap Year comes once every four years so it’s here this year with Leap Day on Monday, February 29th. Turn it into an excuse to celebrate with flowers! Whether you decorate your home or office or you gift a loved one, make something out of this unique day that only comes along every few years. For example, you could stop into any one of our San Diego flower shops and pick up flower in bulk – 29 stems to be exact – and create Leap Day flower arrangements. Just know that our flowers are so fresh that they will last well beyond this special day and into the month of March! Of course, you can also consider any one or more of our spring collection or other customer favorites like these beauties: Mood Changer offers a bright and cheerful way to celebrate Leap Day with orange mini roses, green cymbidium orchids, hot pink roses and succulents in a leaf-lined glass cylinder vase. Bright as Day also offers a colorful celebration with orange Asiatic lilies, yellow sunflowers, lavender stock, pink roses and dark orange alstromeria. Feel the Love brings brightness in large, fresh roses in shades of pink, orange, and yellow.

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Putting Others First on Random Act of Kindness Day

Did you know that there is actually a special day known as Random Act of Kindness Day? It’s on February 17th each year and it serves as a reminder just what kindness can mean for someone else. Not to mention it feels pretty good to know that you made someone else smile with your words or actions. Whether it is someone you know or a complete stranger, take the time this day to focus on kindness for others. Even smiling at others and saying “hello” as you pass or “good morning” is a great way to start. Of course, picking up the coffee for the person behind or in front of you at the coffee shop isn’t a bad idea either. Then, there are flowers. Yes, we believe flowers are a great way to show kindness. Their sublime beauty and the fact that not many people treat themselves to such a beautiful item is the perfect reason to consider a bouquet or flower arrangement for one or more people on Random Act of Kindness Day. You’ll want to check out the arrival of spring flowers, including tulips, which can add a special touch with many pastel and bold color options.

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Fall is in the Air and Our San Diego Flower Shops

It’s that time of year to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, or autumn as some people call it. This is when the weather here in San Diego stays mostly sunny but offers slightly lower morning temps. With it comes stunning new colors and reminders of a new harvest season. That means the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving are also on their way. Along with it, there are special celebrations to commemorate as well as events like fall weddings that could all use fall flowers to add that special look. Our fall flower collection has arrived in each of our San Diego flower shop locations. To give you a taste of what we have on offer, here are some of the highlights: Bright as Day is a fall collection of lilies, sunflowers, and fall roses in shades of orange, yellow, lavender and pink in a handcrafted vase. Del Mar Sunset is a bold array of roses, lilies, and hydrangea in a leaf-lined glass vase. Picnic at the Beach contains peach spray roses, sunflowers, miniature green hydrangea, purple stock and hot pink matsumoto asters in a wicker basket. The Sunflower Lovers Bouquet has hot pink roses, sunflowers, gypsy

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Celebrating Friendships During Friendship Week

Every August, the third week in the month is dedicated to friendships for Friendship Week. All week, we can celebrate those amazing people in our life that are there for the good and the bad times, making us laugh, cheering us up, and adding that extra dimension to our life. While we may not always let them know, this is a good time to show them just how much you value that special bond you have. We have some great floral ways that you can tell those friends – near or far – just how much they mean to you: Mood Changer includes hot pink roses, green cymbidium orchids, orange ranuculus, and succulents in a leaf-lined glass cylinder vase. Sunny San Diego is a bold mix of primary colored flowers displayed in a cube vase. La Jolla Sunset features Asiatic lilies, Viking spray chrysanthemums, roses, and miniature gerbera in orange and yellow hues within a clear glass vase. Roses and Gerbera Daisies Bouquet has many bright and colorful roses and gerberas in three sizes, including the standard with nine stems, the deluxe with 14 stems, and the premium with 19 stems. Flower Fields of San Diego has roses, lilies, poms,

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