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Celebrating the Arrival of Autumn with Our Fall Flower Collection

 Autumn officially arrives on September 22nd and that brings with it a change in seasons, temperatures, light and mood. There are holidays to look forward to like Halloween and Thanksgiving plus new colors and textures to decorate your home. We’re excited to offer our new fall flower collection as well that includes new floral designs and ways to share autumn with others as a gift or even for yourself. Check out these cool fall flower arrangements: Bowl Full of Fall offers a burst of color in an array of flower varieties. You can choose three sizes to create different looks throughout your home or to gift someone with. San Diego Fall also comes in three sizes and offers a selection of the best and brightest colors for fall. Mood For Autumn includes orange roses, cymbidium orchids, yellow mini roses and succulent cuts in a leaf-lined glass cylinder. Fall Grandeur includes hydrangea, roses, orchids and more in a glass pedestal vase, offering one of our most elegant flower arrangements. Fall for San Diego offers lilies, sunflowers, roses, daisy poms, dried oak leaves and more. The flowers are hand arranged and placed in a glass vase that has been tied with raffia.

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Summer Flowers Add Color and Texture

You can change up the look of your entire house just by adding seasonal flowers like those available from our San Diego flower shops for the summer. This gives you an affordable way to add texture and color to a room like a family room, gathering room, or kitchen without redesigning the entire look of your home. And, when the summer season is over, you can then change it up with fall colors. Until then, we have a number of great examples of summer flower arrangements from our summer flower collection that is sure to fit your style, design and color choices, and budget. Check out these summer blooms: Garden Sunset comes with sunflowers, Peruvian lilies, roses and summer fillers and is displayed in a glass vase. This has a country feel. Another relaxed, yet beautiful, summer flower arrangement is the Roses and Gerbera Daisies Bouquet. It comes with assorted roses, gerbera daisies, yellow solidago and greenery. You can opt for nine, 14, or 19 stems when you place your order. Purple Pride is a sophisticated floral display with cream roses and royal purple Monte Casino asters and lisianthus arranged with greenery in a glass vase. Mood Changer is a

Offering Southern California’s Favorite Tulip Arrangements

Next to roses, tulips are one of the most beloved flowers and a true favorite in San Diego with the tulip farms found in nearby Carlsbad. We tend to sell a lot of tulips at all of our San Diego flower shops because our customers love how they look, including the bright colors. They also like that they last quite a long time and that they are easy to care for. We offer a wide selection of tulips in various colors (white, light pink, hot pink, yellow, red, orange and purple just to name a few) and styles of flower arrangements as part of our tulip collection, which is available in our San Diego flower shops as well as online through our online flower shop. Here are some of the beautiful tulips we offer: Amazing Tulips offers four groups of 15 multicolored tulips in vibrant shades. This offers a fresh bouquet of 60 blooms in a vase. It creates a truly stunning effect. Tulips Together features a trio of tulip bunches. Each bunch contains ten tulips and has been tied with bear grass. The three colors include purple, red, and yellow and are displayed together in a rectangular glass vase.

Peonies are Back for a Limited Time!

It’s that time of year again where we have peonies in stock. Since it’s a very short season, it’s a good excuse to order these gorgeous flowers to decorate your home, add to your upcoming nuptials, or include in a flower arrangement that you are gifting to a special someone.= All About Peonies Peonies are long-life perennials that start to produce a magnificent display of single and double blooms in an array of colors – from white to deep red – in late spring and early summer, depending where you live in the U.S. Peonies also have glossy, dark green leaves that shine all season long. Peonies are a favorite in flower arrangements because their cut flowers can last more than a week if they are cut in full bud.  There are six main types of herbaceous peonies: Single: This peony has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle fertile stamens with carpels visible. Japanese: This peony has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle broadened staminodes that may carry pollen along the edges with carpels visible. Anemone: This peony also has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle narrow incurved

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Our Flower Sale is a Good Way to Say Thanks!

In starting the year off right with an eye on value and being more thoughtful to others, we are here to help with some great promotions on certain flower arrangements that save you money plus provide a way to tell those service people and others who helped last year that you appreciate them. Here are some of the great flower arrangements that are on sale now while supplies last: Vivacious offers hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies in a modern vase. Frais Du Jardin means “fresh from the garden” and it certainly offers some of the freshest roses, tulips, and hydrangea available along with ivy in a leaf-lined vase that has been filled with river rocks. Cymbidium Sophistication includes three cymbidium orchid sprays arranged in a modern vase. Garden Beauty has roses and spray roses, lavender, orchids and hydrangea arranged to create a stunning display of premium flowers. Prestige offers oncidium orchids, hydgranea, tulips and roses in a modern vase. The Orchid and Rose Duet is a sophisticated floral display of violet Mokara orchids and 24-inch premium long-stemmed lavender roses in a glass pillow vase. Garden Celebration has pink lilies and roses as well as purple hydrangea

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Our Design Team Can Help Your Business Bloom!

We offer a wide range of options for supplying regular flowers at your place of business to add that extra special touch to your décor and create a welcoming atmosphere. Your customers or clients will appreciate that you go that extra step to add something beautiful to your store or office. Whether you are a retailer or restaurant, a hotel or inn, or a corporate business, we can bring a touch of flowers throughout your office or store with regularly refreshed flower arrangements. These can be delivered to you on a timeframe that fits your needs and budget, including daily, weekly, or monthly. Here are some examples of the various styles of flower arrangements that are available: Vivacious is a spectacular display of hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies in a designer vase. Pacific Breeze is a large flower arrangement that contains roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangea and calla lilies in a massive vase. Rancho Santa Fe Modern is a tropical display of numerous vibrant flowers hand arranged within a tall, tropical leaf-lined vase. Dior Blue is a smaller flower arrangement with crème roses, thistle, blue and white hydrangea and hypericum in a square glass vase. La Jolla

Southern California’s Favorite Tulip Arrangements

Tulips are a real favorite in Southern California, and Allen’s Flowers & Plants has numerous tulip arrangements that make great gifts for any special occasion or as a “just because.” These tulip arrangements also can be used for a wedding or event as well as special décor during the spring and summer seasons. Here is a roundup of our tulip arrangements: Tulips Together is a trio of tulips each bunched by colors that include red, yellow, and purple. Each bunch of tulips has been tied with bear grass and then displayed in a rectangular glass vase. Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl contains 20 tulips from Holland. You pick the available colors and enjoy this fresh, vivid floral display. Amazing Tulips has four fresh groups of 15 multi-colored tulips, offering up a total of 60 blooms in one special flower arrangement. It’s a truly spectacular way to display tulips. Deluxe Fresh Holland Tulips offers up bright spring colors in a glass vase in available colors. On top of these favorite tulip arrangements, you can also opt to create your own tulip flower arrangement for a gift, décor, floral centerpiece and more by working directly with our floral design team at any of

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Flowers & Gifts for July Special Days

You may not realize it but July is full of special family celebration days. These include Cousin’s Day on July 24th, Aunt & Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. Each is an opportunity to stop, reflect, and share what it is that makes these family members so special to you. Whether you are close by or far away, you can take the time on these days to send a gift of love and appreciation for your family members. To provide you with some beautiful ways to show how you feel on these three special days in July, here are some gift ideas: Vivacious is a bright celebration of hot pink roses, stargazer lilies, and pastel gerbera daisies in a designer vase. The Roses and Gerbera Daisies Bouquet is a stunning design composed of yellows solidago and greenery that accents the combination of roses and gerbera daisies. You can choose three different sizes with nine, 14, or 19 stems hand arranged in a glass vase. Flower Fields of San Diego highlights some of the many beautiful flowers found in the fields and flower farms near Carlsbad in Northern San Diego County. This flower arrangement has roses,

Saying Thanks to the Admin Professional

While you may appreciate that administrative professional or team of admins every day for their hard work, efficiency, and commitment to getting the job done, there is a special time of year when it’s time to show it with a gift or other ways of saying thanks for the help. April 19-24 is Administrative Professionals’ Week and in the middle of this week is Administrative Professionals’ Day on Wednesday, April 22nd. While they may usually get gifts for you, this one is up to you, so we’re here to help you with gift ideas that you can order through our website, by phone to any of our San Diego flower shop locations, or by stopping by to order in person. Many of these showcase fresh seasonal spring flower varieties: LA JOLLA SUNSET This stunning flower arrangement contains glorious flowers like Asiatic lilies, Viking spray chrysanthemums, roses and a miniature gerbera in various orange and yellow hues within a clear glass vase. FLOWER FIELDS OF SAN DIEGO Inspired by the spectrum of color found in the flower fields of Carlsbad in San Diego Country, this flower arrangement is a tribute to the local area as well as Southern California. It contains

Celebrating a Loved One’s Birthday with Unique Floral Gifts

Birthdays come the whole year round, so it may seem hard to know what to get each year. Flowers are one gift that just about everyone loves because they are beautiful. Often, many people will not buy flowers for themselves so it’s a nice present to receive on a birthday. To help you decide what might make a great floral gift, we have put together some details on some of our most popular flower arrangements in San Diego that make great birthday gifts and that show off the artistry of our incredible floral design team. Check out these great ideas that are sure to make that upcoming birthday extra special! Our Birthday Flower Arrangements Check out these birthday flower arrangements that show the range of prices and styles we have available with our seasonal flower offering: SYMPHONY This impeccable floral collection includes roses, orchids, tulips and hydrangea that have been hand arranged in a curly willow lined glass vase. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TULIPS & BALLOONS Our tulips have just arrived from Holland, so this is a great pick for a birthday wish. It includes tulips in many hues along with a 'Happy Birthday' Mylar balloon. ALLEN'S SPECIAL BIRTHDAY W/ BIRTHDAY MYLAR

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