The November birth flower is the Chrysanthemum. Like birthstones, birth flowers represent the month in which someone was born. They are often associated with superstitious beliefs and generally the meaning of these stones and, in this case flowers, is associated with one’s personality.

At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we believe that the Chrysanthemum flower would make a delightful gift to anyone with a November birthday but in taking its meaning to heart, it would serve others just as well, too.

The flower is beautiful, being first discovered in a gold color but is also known to grow in white and red.

The Origin of the Chrysanthemum

The flower was first used in China well over a few hundred years ago. It was used in culinary for mixed greens and other salad like dishes as well as made into a tea. It has even been made into a type of rice wine as the Chrysanthemum flower is known for its sweet taste and aroma.

Unlike other sweet things though, the Chrysanthemum flower is also known for its effectiveness as a strong insect repellant as well as killer.

The Color and Meaning

Throughout history, we have associated colors with meanings. For example, red has stood for passion, which has meant love and, at times, also represented bloodshed and war. With the Chrysanthemum flower, a red colored bud like many other red flowers, symbolizes love. The white represents truth and the yellow a slight love.

The Chrysanthemum flower in general though represents optimism and joyfulness. According to the meaning of the Chrysanthemum, a person who is born in November should be all of those things, but at Allen’s Flowers and Plants we feel that others can be those things too.

So, while the flower would make a great gift to a November baby, if you know a cheerful and optimistic person, then you might pleasantly surprise them with the Chrysanthemum flower.

A Perfect Gift

The Chrysanthemum flower makes a great gift because it represents joyfulness and it just so happens that it has been proven that flowers tend to bring that out in people. It’s a great gift for someone with a November birthday, a delightful gift to one of your more cheerful friends, and even to the less cheerful the Chrysanthemum flower is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. So, when buying flowers from San Diego’s best florist, remember to check out the joyful Chrysanthemum flower.